Russian Heavy Breacher Element
Russian Heavy Breacher Element

Russian Heavy Breacher Element

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This Element represents a GRU, FSB or SSO  Breaching team. These teams specialise in counter terrorism or other high risk operations, where the targets are identified or suspected to have armour penetrating ammunition, fragmentation weapons or bomb vests.

As such, they are very heavily protected with fragmentation protective suits, extensive body armour and visored helmets. One operator carries a ballistic shield and has additional frag and small arms protection on his lower legs and feet. 
They are otherwise not burdened by uneccessary equipment and they are not expecting protacted engagements.

Two operators carry SR-3MP assault rifles with suppressors, optics and stock adapted for use with a visor. These are chambered in 9x39mm, with armour piercing ammunition. 
Another operator carries the Ash-12 .50 cal assault rifle - used for anti material, breaching and EOD.
The shield carrier is equipped with an SR2-Veresk compact SMG, held with the stock braced between the arm and the body, to aid in stabilising the weapon when using a shield.  

In Spectre Operations, the Element can be represented with the following way:
Training: Tier 1 or 2
Short rifles with CQB builds and Suppressors.
Compact SMG
.50 Rifle 

Frag Suits
Frag, Gas and Flash Grenades
Ballistic Full Shield
Breaching tools hard/explosive

This product is a high quality 28mm 3D print, printed at Spectre HQ on a Phrozen Mini 8k printer. As this is a Print on Demand Product, shipping times may vary.

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