P.20 Reinforcements and Momentum
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Reinforcements and Momentum
Some Scenarios, or Escalations will allow a player to deploy Reinforcements onto the battlefield. Reinforcements will always generate and use their own Momentum and for all purposes they will be classified as an independent Force, which will act in the controlling players turn. Some Equipment may allow Momentum to be shared between the Main Force and the Reinforcement Force.


P.30 Failed Lethality Rolls.

Failed Lethality rolls no longer confer +1 stress to the Element


P.31 Stress Tests

Suppression: Elements may make the Rally Action when Suppressed.


P.37 Subguns

Extreme Range for SMG should be changed from 20" to 24"


P.38 Marksman Rifles

Medium, Heavy, Anti Material and Payload rifles should replace ‘One Shot’ with ‘Single Fire’


P.118 Tier 1 Fire Support Element
Replace ‘2 in every 4 Soldiers may be Specialists’, with ‘Both Soldiers are considered Specialists’


Task Force Veterans:

Enlisted Elements may be upgraded to Veterans for 10r per model.


Q: Does Momentum Generated carry on to the next turn?

A: No, Momentum resets at the Start of the next turn. The only way to carry Momentum over is to reserve one for Escalations.


Q: When figures in an Element lose cohesion the Element must Regroup. Does this have priority over other Actions? And does the entire Element have to participate in the Regroup or just the lost sheep?

A: With Cohesion, the Element should spend 1 momentum to regroup. They don't have to and can perform other Actions, but the models that are out of cohesion cannot be included in that Action and every turn they are out of cohesion, the stress of the Element is raised by 1. So, it isn't given special priority, but if they don't regroup first, it may cause problems!


Q: If I am taking a manoeuvre action and I spend an extra momentum to get a 9" movement. Then I spend another momentum to shoot and then decide to spend another momentum to move again. Is that second move at 3" or does it go back up to 5"?

A: It goes back up to your full movement. It only decreases when multiple momentum is spent on a single Manoeuvre Action


Q: What does a Sergeant do?

A: Sergeants give 1 automatic success to Rally Actions.


Q: When measuring distances for Engagements, do I use the distance to the closest model or furthest away, the rules conflict on this.

A: If the Target Element contains visible models that are able to be targeted and are in two different ranges (Engagement or Extreme for example), use the furthest range for the weapon used.


Q: Do friendly Elements and models block Line of Sight?

A: Yes, they do.


Q: When counting Stress, Some things say to ”increase the elements stress” while others speak of ”add a point of stress” Are these the same thing or do one increase the actual elements written stress value while the other is the number of dice you roll in a stress test

A: These are the same, just add one to the stress level. Some things, such as CBRN may permanently increase the base stress.


Q: Confused by the section on Stress Tests. Under engagement it says to roll dice equal to accurate shots and number killed, but next section says for any stress test roll dice for every figure plus mods? confusion is which is correct? first one would suggest fire team of 5 soldier with 3 accurate hits and 1 dead equals 4 stress dice to roll, but other section implies that 9 stress dice would be rolled?

A: After an Engagement, you just roll one dice for each Accurate Shot and one dice for each Lethality. In the example given, it would be 4 dice rolled.


Q: How long do the ISTAR UAV effects last?

A: They last the remainder of the game, from when the escalation is used


Q: How do Gunships work? Let's say I call a Helicopter Gunship Support

Do I choose 1 weapon to use for the engagement and then it leaves?

A: It can fire with all weapons, as a single engagement against a single target Element.


Q: Can a frag hit cause two stress increases, 1 for a successful awareness and one further for a failed lethality

A: The extra stress for Failed Lethality has now been removed - we found after wider playtesting that stress raised far too quickly.


Q: Inaccurate Danger close AoE, exactly how does it work

A light mortar barrage misses its intended target by 2, assume another element to be within 2 inches

Will the original element take an AoE 4 and element 2 take an AoE 6?

Will this attack miss element 1 and do a AoE 4 on element 2?

A: It will miss Element 1 and do AoE4 to Element 2


Q: Adding in Danger close, assume element 2 also failed its initial awareness getting a separate attack on it

Will a hit on this attack cause an additional AoE 6 to element 2?

Will a miss on element 2 land on element 1 causing the above questions again?

A: This is a bit of a tricky one, but a hit will cause an additional AoE 6 to the Element, but a Miss would not then ‘bounce back’ to Element 1.