Solo and Non-Player Element Rules

These rules are intended to allow players to play solo, cooperatively, or as competitors against an NPE (Non Player Element) enemy.

Using NPEs in your games can add some unique challenges whether you choose to face a few Elements guarding an Objective or an entire force!


8.6 Blackout Rifle

These bleeding edge, specialist rifles are chambered in 8.6mm Blackout. These rounds travel at extreme velocity, with exceptional penetration. When suppressed the register from shots fired is particularly quiet, making it a very desirable covert weapon.



An EOD Specialist is highly trained in the disposal of Explosive Devices, typically higher trained, or those attached to
Special Forces units are trained in more niche or specialised methods and particular devices.
They typically wear large fragmentation protective suits, which could also protect from CBRN threats if needed.


Baba Yaga

These rules allow you to play cinematic scenarios using the one-man army: Baba Yaga.
You can also use these rules to represent any of your favourite action heroes on the tabletop.
We recommend using the equivalent resources total of Criminals to try and take him down!


Force Builder

This list is intended to allow you to build a flexible force centered around a core of SWAT teams.
These teams can be equipped in a way to make them very flexible, allowing them to respond to a
number of threats, from overt Siege style missions, to Covert, complex scenarios.


Force Builder

This list is very versatile and allows you to build a variety of Criminal Element Forces anywhere in
the world, from lowly street thugs, traffickers and narcotic addled squatters to serious organised
criminals, kitted out for a sophisticated bank heist.


Force Builder

The Russian army and its special forces are extremely varied in their composition, training and equipment. This list
will allow you to build an approximation of a variety of modern Russian Forces, whether you want to build a Force of
untrained and poorly equipped Conscript fighters, or a highly trained and well equipped Special Operations Force.

This list is a sample list, with a full Force Builder to come in the future.