Starting a Task Force

In Spectre Operations, a Task Force represents one or more Elements that are assembled for a particular Operation or Campaign. These Operators could be from a single unit or Nation, or assembled from units from multiple allied Nations. The models in this range are well equipped with the latest kit and can represent Tier 1 or 2 Elements in Spectre Operations.

A great way to start a force is with one of the core Element packs, with extra specialists to tailor your Task Force for a particular mission.

Task Force Assault

Task Force Assault is a good choice for the base of a versitle force, equipped with Medium Rifles, they are able to deal with medium to long range threats effectively.

Task Force CQB

Task Force CQB are equipped wityh Short rilfes and excel in close range combat, making them a great choice for room clearing and hostage rescue missions.

Get Some Fire Support

Although a Task Force Element equipped with rifles is formidable, these Elements can have added capability in the form of Assault light and medium machine guns and precision marksman rifles. The Fire Support Element is a great way of easily adding flexibility to your Elements.

Add Force Multipliers

Team Specialists will provide valuable tactical advantages in games. Each Specialist is equipped with unique equipment that will give your Task Force access or bonuses when performing particlar Actions and when using Escallations

Take Command

A Commander has the ability to request powerful Escalations, as well as carrying advanced communications and Electronic Warfare abilities.

Call Air Support

A JTAC is able to call in Escallations, such as close air support, and guide them onto target far more accurately, using augmented reality displays.

Loitering Drones

HERO operators carry launchers for formidable loitering munitions. These can circle high above the battlefield until needed, precision striking a target.

Breach and clear

Breachers carry numerous devices allowing them to defeat almost any barrier and obstical, greatly enhancing bulding entry and CBQ abilities

Get Some Wheels

A Task Force has a variety of vehicles available to them, each of them serving a different role. Vehicles can also be upgrades with powerful mounted weapons and Remote Weapon Systems to futher increase fire support.


The LTV is a new multi-purpose vehicle, designed to replace the HMV. It is well armoured and mine resistant. It can also mount a variety of turrets and weapons systems.


The Razor is a light weight all terrain vehicle. What is lacks in physical protection, it makes up for in speed and agility. It's open frame design also allows operators to quickly dismount and fight without hinderence.


Although aging, the HMV is still widely used, partly down to its versitility and the ability to add numerous armour and weapon upgrades to its frame.