Respond to a call...

This Force focuses on US Law Enforcement. With this force you can play some really interesting and dynamic missions - whether it is a run of the mill responding to a bank heist, hostage rescue or raid of a drugs lab, to much more exotic missions, engaging in counter terrorism, cross border trafficking or combating a cartel in the heart of America.


SWAT teams are the core of this force. Each officer is equipped with a Medium Rifle, Pistol, Body Armour and Stun Grenades. The team also features a classic Ballistic Shield and an officer with Marksman Rifle for overwatch.

One or multiple teams can be deployed.


Armoured Transport

The Bearcat is a brand new armoured vehicle, used across most of the US Police Departments. It offers very good protection to anyone transported. It also has very good off road capabilities, allowing access to remote incidents.


Patrol Cops

Patrol Cops can add some narrative detail to your games. They could be the first responders, cops responding to the call or the guys who made the call for backup.