Here you will find a list of references and inspiration we have used over the years when writing Spectre Operations and making Spectre Miniatures. This list is by no means exhaustive and will be added to over time!


If you are new to the genre and want to learn more about modern warfare and military organisation and terminology, the series of Osprey books about the War on Terror, War in Afghanistan and Special Forces are a great place to start.

Video Games

Ghost Recon (franchise)
Rainbow Six (franchise)
Battlefield (franchise)
Call of Duty (franchise)
The Division
Ready or Not


Black Hawk Down
Act of Valour
Sicario 2
13 Hours
Zero Dark Thirty
John Wick 1,2,3 and 4

Books - Fiction

I am Pilgrim, Terry Hayes
Year of the Locust, Terry Hayes
Red Storm Rising, Tom Clancy
2034, Elliot Ackerman and Admiral James Stavridis
Delta Force series, Dalton Fury
The 2020 Commission Report on the North Korean nuclear attacks against the United States, Dr Jeffrey Lewis
The Black Order, Jeff Rovin
The Russian, Ben Coes
Damascus Station, David McCloskey
Memorial Day, Vince Flynn
Black Powder Red Earth (graphic novel series)
The Activity (Graphic Novel Series)
DMZ (Graphic Novel Series)

Books - Non-Fiction

Out of the Mountains, David Kilcullen
Counterinsurgency, David Kilcullen
The Other Side of the Mountain, Ali Ahmad Jalali, Lester W Grau
Non-State Warfare, Stephen Biddle, Danny Campbell, et al.
Unrestricted Warfare, Qiao Liang, Scott Pollak, et al.
The Weaponisation of Everything, Mark Galeotti
The South China Sea, Bill Hayton
Nuking the Moon, Vince Houghton
The Ranger Handbook, Headquarters the Army
Small Unit Tactics, Matthew Luke
Small Unit Raids, Matthew Luke
Level Zero Heroes, Michael Golembesky, John R. Bruning
Relentless Strike, Sean Naylor
Not a good day to die, Sean Naylor
Killer Elite, Michael Smith
Bunker, Bradley Garrett
Putin's War in Syria, Anna Borshchevskaya
Nexus of Global Jihad, Assaf Moghadam
The Dragons and the Snakes, David Kilcullen, Christopher Douyard, et al
Task Force Black, Mark Urban
Big Boys Rules, Mark Urban
Surprise, Kill, Vanish, by Annie Jacobsen and John Murray
War in the Woods, John Nores Jr. and James A. Swan
Hidden War, John Nores, Lt. John Nores Jr. (RET), et al.


The Jordan Harbinger Show