Starting a Russian Force

The Russian army and it’s special forces are extremely varied in their composition, training and equipment. This list will allow you to build an approximation of a variety of modern Russian Forces, whether you want to build a Force of untrained and poorly equipped Conscript fighters, or a highly trained and well equipped Special Operations Force. Also included is a sub listing for a Russian FSB force, which blur the lines between a formal military, law enforcement and security agency.

A great way to start a force is with one or two Russian Motor Elements and an SSO Assault Element. This can be expanded on with vehicles and more specialist models

Russian Motor Element

This Element can be used to represent the bulk of the professional Russian Military. They are equipped with Medium Rifles and the Element also includes an RPG and RPK light machine gun. This allows them to be versitle and able to tackle a variety of threats.

Russian SSO Assault Element

This Element represents the most capable and well funded of the Russian Special Operations Forces.
They are equipped with Medium rifles, with suppressors. The Element also carry a number of specialist machine guns and a grenade launcher.

Add Force Multipliers

These specialists can be used to replace the squad support weapons in the Motor Rifle Element to really increase their punch.

Russian Motor Element PKP

He carries the formidable PKP machine gun to add valuable automatic fire support to an element.

Russian Motor RPG30

He carries a disposable RPG30, which is a relatively new unguided anti-tank weapon.

Get Some Wheels

The Russian Army has a variety of differnt vehicles available to it, Armoured Personel Carriers (APCs) can be used to move your force with a good amount of protection, while providing fire support.


The BTR80 APC is a development of the earlier BTR70 and BTR60 vehicles.
First deployed in the Soviet-Afghan war, it has since seen countless conflicts and is operated by many nations.

It is able to carry 7 passengers, protecting them with moderate to light armour.
For offence a 14.5mm KVP machine gun is mounted on the turret.


The BTR-82 is the Russian replacement for the BTR-80 series of armoured personnel carriers and has 3 crew and a capacity of seven troops.

BTR82 BM Turret

The BTR82 BM or 'Dagger' Turret is a light remote weapons system, with mounted 20mm autocannon, 7.62 PKM and 2 guided Konkurs Anti-Tank Guided Missiles.