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The VAMPIRE is a precision guided missile launcher, capable of launching 4 70mm modified Hydra rockets - each capable of carrying a wide range of warheads, including HEAT, Airburst, Frechette, Smoke and Illumination.

The system is capable of effectively engaging Infantry, light or medium vehicles and can be employed in a counter UAV role with great success.

It's light weight allows it to be fitting to any vehicle with a flat bed, or swing mounted to a light vehicle.

Two options are available. The Flatbed mount includes a frame for mounting the system to a technical or HMV and the Swingarm mount is able to be side mounted to most vehicles.

This product is a high quality 28mm 3D print, printed at Spectre HQ on a Phrozen Mini 8k printer. As this is a Print on Demand Product, shipping times may vary.

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