Offroad SUV

Offroad SUV

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This model can be used to represent a big-brand 4x4 used by all factions in Spectre.  This SUV can represent the armoured version, which is resistant to small-arms, IEDs and grenades or the 'soft skinned' civilian version.  It is in use by armies, agencies and private users globally and is the vehicle of choice in the developing world for reliability and for prestige in the developed world.  In game terms, it can carry up to 7 personnel, or 5 and a boot full of gear such as breakdown gear, med kits, heavy weapons and ammo.

This version has a snorkel for fording deep water and a bull-bar to protect it and push obstacles out of the way.

This is a Resin multipart model. Please allow 4 weeks for dispatch.

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