Objectives - WMDs

Objectives - WMDs

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This objectives pack contains munitions that can be used as objectives in games of Spectre: Operations.  It contains a Chemical Shell Pallet, with 16 chemical weapons shells palletized ready for transport or storage.  Due to their highly dangerous cargo, these shells are highly sought by nefarious groups for terror purposes and equally, nations will go to great lengths to prevent them falling into the wrong hands – making them excellent objectives in games.

MIRV.  A ‘MIRV’ – or Multiple Independently (targetable) Reentry Vehicle is one of the independent warheads in modern nuclear missiles.  They are usually programmable with yields of 100 -500 kT (1 kT is equivalent to 1000 tons of TNT).  Not to be confused with a snowcone maker.

2 Large WMD Shells which can be played as chemical or nuclear artillery shells.

Suitcase Nuke.  This highly classified device uses novel technology to create a viable ‘physics package’, as well as shielding technology to avoid sensors.  It is rumored to weigh around 20kg and the yield is classified - but potentially greater than 100kT.  It could be used in scenarios to be smuggled into a capital city or used as a demolition device if taken into bunkers or caves. 

Backpack Nuke.  This backpack device could represent a repackaged suitcase nuke or a jerry-rigged nuke or dirty bomb.

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