Objectives - Weapons Cache

Objectives - Weapons Cache

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This objectives pack contains weapons to use as objectives in games of Spectre: Operations:

SAM Crate (open and closed) containing Man Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) – capable of shooting down helicopters, turboprops and jets, these weapons where tightly controlled until the collapse of governments in various regions led to these weapons finding their way to the black market.  Large efforts are underway to recover or destroy these type of weapons.

PKM MMG Crate (open and closed).  A crate of venerable PKM machine guns, valued by insurgents and security forces in many parts of the world.

AKM Crate (open and closed).  A crate of AK-series assault rifles, the simple and reliable weapon of choice of various groups.

MSR in Peli Case.  A precision sniper weapon system with bipod, optic and suppressor.  Extremely dangerous in the right hands and able to engage targets out to 1500m.

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