Luxury SUV

Luxury SUV

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This model can be used to represent a high-end luxury 4x4 used by all factions in Spectre: Operations.  It can be used to represent an armoured SUV, which is resistant to small-arms, IEDs and grenades or the standard 'soft skinned' civilian version.  It is in use worldwide by dignitaries, politicians, oligarchs, celebrities and private users, so has a wide variety of use in game scenarios.  It could be used to move HVTs and the target of a 'vehicle interdiction' strike, a hostage rescue or used as a city environment QRF vehicle for CT teams.  In game terms, it can carry up to 5 personnel and a boot full of gear such as, med kits, body armour and QRF assault gear, heavy weapons and ammo or just breakdown gear.

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