RWS Land Warfare
RWS Land Warfare

RWS Land Warfare

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More technical and capable RWS are being developed to meet greater threats. The latest development is a multi-weapon ‘Land Warfare’ RWS designed to counter a wide range of threats in one package, ranging from infantry to main battle tanks (MBTs). It consists of a high-resolution optic and thermal system with three weapons systems. Including a 7.62mm machine gun to engage point or area targets (generally enemy combatants) with lower chance of collateral damage and signature. A 30mm cannon that can engage targets with a variety of ammunition at longer ranges.  This weapon can fire a variety of ammunition and the ‘HE’ version generally has the same effect as a grenade going off at the impact point so is suitable for engaging infantry in the open or in buildings, and soft skin vehicles.  It is the ideal stand-off fire support weapon for assault forces, able to provide high accuracy and effect on target. Lastly, it has a Javelin missile system, which can engage a variety of targets using thermal lock on and fire-and-forget technology, meaning the vehicle can fire a missile and immediately move into cover. The Javelin can hit hard targets such as bunkers using direct fire mode and can destroy anything up to modern main battle tanks using top-attack mode making it an incredibly potent weapon.

This is a highly detailed 3D printed kit, printed on a Phrozen Mini 8K printer, with the fittings to mount on a HMV or LTV.

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