Task Force HERO

Task Force HERO

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This Task Force Operator can be used to represent a wide variety of Special Operations Forces JTACs. 
He wears modern tactical clothing and high end plate carrier.

He carries a Hero 60 loitering munition on his back, ready for deployment. This weapon is an extremely powerful force multiplier, allowing the player to strike any any elements on the table, with lethal anti-personnel or anti-armour munitions. 

For offence and defence he carries an MCX Spear, medium rifle.

In Spectre Operations, this soldier can represent a Tier 1 or 2 Element specialist and can be equipped with some or all of the following loadout:

Body Armour
Medium Rifle with Medium and/or Short range build and suppressor
Night Fighter (optional)
Mk3/Hybrid NVG (optional)
Frag, Flash and Smoke grenades

This product is a high quality 28mm 3D print, printed at Spectre HQ on a Phrozen Mini 8k printer. As this is a Print on Demand Product, shipping times may vary.

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