Spectre: Operations V3 news

Hi Everyone,

We are very excited to be able to show a little preview of Spectre: Operations V3!

The past few months have seen some hard playtesting of a lot of new mechanics. These mechanics have been designed to enhance realism and add a brand new level of dynamic play and decision making. The gameplay rewards fast and aggressive action, requiring you to apply your force's strengths and exploit your opponents weaknesses at the correct time. 

Trained and Untrained fighters act and react differently. Here's a teaser of two of the many new profiles.

The new Stats - Movement, Ballistics, Awareness and Cool are all you need to perform a diverse array of actions. Engagement is handled very differently in V3, which we will explain in detail in a future article and gameplay videos.

Speaking of Engagement, Here's a look at the new profile for weapons!

Again, as you can see, these profiles are brand new and give an added level of realism in their applications at different engagement distances. Players will be able to consider the loadout of their Elements with much more scrutiny, depending on their role on the Theatre of Operations. Although there is increased variety of weapon profiles, In this edition, The Operator or fighter's training and ability is the key factor in combat and applying them at the right place and at the right time.

We are extremely excited with how this is shaping up - we believe we have made something very unique and fresh.

We look forward to previewing more very soon. 

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