Spectre Operations Playtesting

Here’s your first look at some of the new gameplay for Spectre Operations! Terms and statistics are subject to change, but the majority of the rules are nailed down.

This was a small playtest game we played recently on a 2ft x 4ft table. We intended to keep this simple in terms of variety of weapons and number of models. Each force has two Elements. Elements are one of the core concepts in Spectre Operations and this is the term we use for any independently acting part of a force. This could be a squad, single miniature or vehicle.

The Attacking force Consists of 2 Elements. One of 4 Agents, two of which are equipped with SMGs, One with a Medium Rifle and the other with a Battle Rifle.

The Second Element is 2 Agents, equipped for a supporting role. One has a DMR and the other has an LMG.

The Defenders have 2 Elements, both containing 6 models. 1 is equipped with Medium and Short Rifles and Body Armour and the Second are equipped with Medium rifles and an LMG.

The Objective is simple - a transfer of weapons is being conducted near a construction site in a location near the Caspian Sea. Due to the sensitive location, Air Support is unavailable, but a QRF from a nearby Consulate is on standby if needed. An Agency team is dispatched to disrupt the transfer and destroy the hardwear if possible. 

The Defending player has a number of support options, including reinforcements from the local military and air support from the airforce. Western fighters are not permitted in the region and will be met with extreme aggression.

In Spectre Operations, Each Element generates Momentum for the force. These points of Momentum may be spent on actions that can be performed by each Element, Such as Maneuver, Engagement etc. A critical point to be aware of, is that there is no limit to how many actions each Element can make, but there is limited Momentum available.

The amount of Momentum each Element generates can be affected by Morale, sometimes severely. Keeping Momentum with your force by applying fire to Enemy Elements and reducing their Momentum is the Core mechanic in Spectre Operations.

To counter this - if your force is degraded or it’s Momentum is otherwise severely restricted, and the Operation is not over quickly, you will be able to attempt to Escalate the Situation. This Escalation is where reinforcements and other assets such as air support come into play.

In Turn 1, the Agents on the highway used 2 Momentum to perform an Engagement Action. 2 points gave them extra firepower to lay into the unarmoured Insurgent Element by the van. Although they had extra dice to roll, hits were few and only the DMR found home. As it is a Marksman Weapon, it ignores the modifiers for light cover and can choose the target of Lethal Hits. The Squad Leader was targeted and taken out of action. The Insurgent Element then tried to make a Return Fire Reaction to this, but failed the required Cool Check. This still depleted their Momentum.

The Agents on the road made a Maneuver Action, Engaged the same Element with their Rifles and then Maneuvered back into cover. This Combined fire caused the Insurgent Element to fail their Cool check and become Suppressed. This Reduces the amount of Momentum Available to the Force.  

The Reduced Momentum left the remaining defenders with few options, so both Elements decided to Maneuver into cover and more advantageous firing positions. 

Starting the Next Turn, the Agents on the Road moved into a new firing position to get a more clear shot onto the defenders. The Maneuver Action reduced accuracy, so only a single shot hit it’s target and took another fighter down.

The Agents on the ground moved to Engage the Defenders with their Rifles again, killing another. The Engaged Element reacted successfully this time, killing one Agent with Return Fire. The Agents then moved back into cover and positioned themselves to flank onto the objective. 

The Element Defending the Objective moved into ready positions to defend the Objective, while the remaining Element rallied themselves to improve their Morale.

The FInal Turn saw the Agents storm the objective, pouring lethal and accurate fire from their SMGs into the defenders. This kills most of the Element and causes the lone defender to flee, realising he wasn’t going to win this fight. 

The Remaining Element decided to mount up and retreat. Calls for reinforcements have gone unanswered - the Agents moved too quickly and aggressively to be able to be countered effectively.

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