Spectre Law Enforcement Range

Hi All,

We thought we would go into a little more detail about what you can expect from the Law Enforcement range expansion.

This has been one of our most requested ranges, so we've been keen to get it right and release it at the right time. Trying to navigate the US law enforcement structure and how to represent it on the tabletop alone has been a huge task, and here is what we are planning!

US SWAT team. as expected, this is the focus of the release. We've designed them to be very versatile with mid range equipment. We found that the higher end of these teams looked way too close to more specialist agencies and if we went in this direction it wouldn't be worth doing the others. this will be a 6-8 man team, with a mix of mid to high coverage body armour, M4s, a breacher and a shield guy.

FBI HRT. This is one we have personally wanted to do for years. This will be a 6 man team in high speed gear and 416s, along with some more specialist equipment.

FBI Agents. These will be a pair of typical FBI agents in windbreakers, low profile plate carriers and pistols. Perfect for your favourite agency drama recreations... the truth is out there.

US Marshalls service. This Guys (and women) will have more civilian or casual gear, with a mix of SMGs and Long guns. They will also have a dog handler for apprehending suspects. 

The second wave will include some more US departments, like the Park Rangers Special Operations (These will come with some vey interesting scenarios) and DEA. 

We are also going to be making UK police very soon, including regular firearms units and CTSFO - which will tie nicely into a later release and some very cool scenarios!

Pics will follow shortly! 


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