Playtesting in WACO, TX

Spectre Operations is highly narrative. Games can be linked together with an Operation Web, which will contain the possible linked scenarios and will define the possible story arc.The Objectives achieved will dictate the subsequent scenario and the forces available. These Operational Webs are themed to the forces fighting the scenario, ensuring unique and interesting gameplay each time you play a game.

The Scenario:

Intel has indicated that members of a local violent gang are gathering at a known hideout. A SWAT team has been dispatched to raid the premises, apprehend targets if they do not resist and gather as much evidence as possible. There are suggestions that a heavily armed division of the gang is preparing for something big. It is hoped that the evidence in the location will give some information on the plans.


SWAT Team: 

Primary Objective: Seize and extract key evidence 

Secondary Objective: Capture all surviving elements 

Criminal Element:

Primary Objective: Protect or destroy all evidence 

Secondary Objective: have minimum 3 surviving escaped operatives 

Scenario Special Actions:

Gather Evidence: Spend 1 Momentum to perform an Awareness Test for each Model in the Element. Each Success will collect 1 piece of Evidence.

Destroy Evidence: Spend 1 Momentum to perform a Stress Test for each Model in the Element. Each Success will Destroy 1 piece of Evidence.

The table was set up to represent the outskirts of a city. One building was designated as the Gang Hideout. The Hideout was the Deployment zone for the Criminal Elements. 2 Elements of 4 fighters were used for the scenario. A renforcement Element of 6 Criminal Element Heavies was available if the Scenario Escalated.

The SWAT team deployed a 2 man Sniper Team on top of the adjacent building. A Bearcat with a SWAT Team Element of 5 Officers Embarked was deployed on the road leading to the Hideout.

Phase 1. 

Ben's Sniper Team was given authority to eliminate the Target Element in the window overlooking the road that the Bearcat is moving along. An Engagement Action was performed with an additional Momentum spent to add extra dice to the Action. 3 shots were accurate, but the situational awareness of one fighter allowed him to not be hit by one shot. The remaining 2 accurate shots resulted in Lethalities. The Stress of the Element was raised and a Stress Test for the Element was taken to see how Moral is affected. The test was passed, so no immediate effect was applied.  As some of the Element survived, the rest of the Force was Alerted.

The Bearcat moved down to the Hideout and the SWAT Element Disembarked to Beach the Door. 

In Connor’s Turn, The Element on the top floor of the Hideout fired at the Sniper Team, but missed. The Element then moved towards the stairs. The Element on the Ground Floor proceeded to Destroy Evidence and succeeded in Destroying 3 pieces of the 8 items of Evidence.

Ben moved his team to the door of the hideout and performs a Component Breaching Action. A breaching charge was used to breach the door, then a flashbang was deployed into the room. The flash was effective and rendered the enemy Element ineffective in this turn, being unable to make Awareness Tests or make Reactions. Ben entered the room and made an Engagement against the Criminals on the stairs. The additional stress of the flash grenade, and the loss of a fighter in the Engagement, forced a Stress test. Ben rolled 5 failures, which would usually Rout the Element. Due to the game being Law Enforcement in theme, the Element surrenders, allowing Ben to move his SWAT team to apprehend the survivors. 

In the Sitrep Phase, Connor tried for an Escalation. As he was only using one dice it was unlikely to successfully request reinforcements, but despite the odds, he succeeded. The Criminal Heavy Element will arrive at the start of his turn on the road edge. 

Ben moved his SWAT team up towards the doors, then moved the Bearcat to pick up the team and captives. Ben then decided to take some shots at the surviving Criminals, which missed - then he moved them further towards the Bearcat again, ready to Embark.

Connor is of the opinion that his fellow criminals are expendable, so he Engaged the SWAT team that was escorting the captives. He spent two Momentum on the action, which gave the Automatic SMG two additional dice rather than the standard additional one. He was made aware of the risk that any shots that were not accurate would hit his fighters, but he was uncaring. He hit and killed one SWAT officer with the Medium Rifle, but the SMG missed the SWAT team and hit and killed one Criminal. The Heavy Element proceeded to Engage in the same way. They didn't inflict casualties, but the combined fire caused the SWAT team to fail a Stress Test, forcing them to break the contact into cover.

Next turn, the SWAT team Embarked into the Bearcat, leaving the captives. The Sniper Team targeted the Heavy Element and, using the Marksman rule for the DMR, chose to remove the LMG carrying Criminal as the casualty. 

The Bearcat then proceeded to drive around the corner at speed. Whether by design or accident, the vehicle made contact with the Heavy Element, crushing one fighter against the wall and killing him. The force of the impact, however, lodged the vehicle into the wall, immobilizing it. Connor, knowing he couldn’t penetrate the armour of the vehicle, decided to pour fire into the vehicle and pile the stress onto the team inside. The stress level of the vehicle would eventually force the occupants to disembark and flee. Connor, being very lucky, was able to force the team to disembark, giving them a free move away from the vehicle.

Connor used his remaining momentum to move up to the Team and opened fire into their backs, killing the entire squad.

The next scenario will see the Killers being pursued over the Mexico border and joining up with a local Cartel Element. US law enforcement are given perAmission to cross the border and hook up with a local covert team with the aim of bringing the murderers to justice.

Connor achieved both his primary and secondary objectives. Ben did not achieve either. 

Setup for the next game...

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