More Playtesting!

Spectre Operations Playtesting Session!

With these articles we want to be open with how a game is written and show that through proper playtesting, we are really developing these rules to be something quite unique. We feel a Modern Era rules set should in itself feel very ‘modern’. Spectre Operations focus is on highly narrative play, which is necessary for cinematic, high speed Operations.

This week we tested some fairly large changes to the rules. The biggest change has been the move from D6 to D10.

We found that everything being D6 based was limiting the depth and breadth of what we are representing. With this edition, we really want people to think about selecting the right kit for the mission. The differences in utility between a compact rifle or SMG and a medium length rifle are stark. If you are wanting to move around in vehicles and be able to dismount and assault a position, you are going to have a clear choice of what is the best loadout for your team.

D10 allows us to much more accurately represent the effectiveness of accuracy and lethality at different ranges, as well as giving much more options for other tests that need to be performed.

Another aspect we tested was Stress. Stress in combat, and the ability to manage it is pivotal. Each Tier of fighter has a base Stress level, which effects some tests they are required to make. Stress will rise in certain situations (being shot at being the obvious one) and can be managed to lower it. Higher stress means harder tests.

Engagement was changed slightly. If you are hit, weapons are now more lethal - but an Alert Element can avoid lethal hits with their Situational Awareness. This can be decreased with certain cumbersome equipment, or increased with advanced optics, drone surveillance or other intelligence assets.

We also tested Alertness, detection and the actions that Unalert Elements can perform, such as areas of patrol and scanning.

So, onto the Game!

The Scenario required a small number of Local Forces to assault a checkpoint guarding a chemical storage facility. The game took place at dawn and required the Local Forces to advance through the tank traps, destroy the checkpoint and cause an explosion in the chemical tanks. This must be performed quickly, as a Professional Hostile QRF team is in the vicinity. 

A Conscripted Element was manning the checkpoint. They are Unalert and would rather no be there, making it easier to not be detected.

Another team in CBRN kit is working around the chemical tanks, possibly preparing them for transport.

Both Sides have 5 Momentum points to use each turn, although the Unalert force can only utalise 2 points a turn, and are limited on what they can be spent on.  

The Local Forces take advantage of the disinterested guards and advance quickly, training as many guns on the checkpoint as possible. The Anti-Tank weapons bringing up the rear.

The Guards start their patrol, which is confined to One move within their pre-designated area of patrol. 

The Assaulting Elements open fire on the visible Guards, knowing that this will spark the conflict and raise the alarm, they must act quickly. Two Guards are dispatched using two Momentum to add extra dice to the Engagement. The Guarding Element raises its Stress and must make a Stress test to keep their cool. They fail and their stress is permanently increased, until they manage to take time to lower it. 


The Guards use One Momentum to React to the assault and return fire, killing one. The Defenders also use One momentum to reserve in order to call in Reinforcements. 

In the Next turn, an AT4 is used to target the Checkpoint. This successfully breaks the Element Guarding it and they are forced to Break Contact due to Stress. The rest of the Assaulting force takes advantage of this and presses forward beyond the Hesco Walls. 

The Aftermath Team moves into Defensive Positions and are able to call for reinforcements. Knowing that they have a BTR on the way, full of well trained fighters, they hold tight and lure the Local Forces into a trap.

After a couple of turns exchanging fire, The BTR arrives along the track immediately behind the Local Forces. The 30mm Autocannon makes short work of the attackers and the survivors wisely flee to fight another day.

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