Designing the new Agent QRF team

Here’s a little preview to tease what is coming…

We have wanted to make a team wearing respirators for a while, and inspiration struck while talking to one of our contacts. As always, we are fortunate enough to have advice from former and currently serving men and women in various armed forces, law enforcement and other security positions.

We decided to make this team to fall into our Agent Range, which can be used to represent a multitude of forces. This gave us some flexibility when deciding what to select from our armoury!

To suggest the fast moving and aggressive action, we’ve posed some of these models a little more dynamically than others. These will look pretty cool on scenery heavy tabletops, looking over and around obstacles! 

Being a Quick Reaction Force, this team has quickly equipped their respirators, they expect to face some kind of particulate threat, but no serious chemical or biological agents (models for that will come later…). They all wear clothing that can be painted in camo or civilian colours, so the cut of the jackets and trousers (pants for those across the sea) has been kept quite neutral. 

They all wear kit heavily inspired by one of our favourite suppliers, Spiritus Systems. We are huge fans of this company, so it is always represented when possible! The assault packs are also inspired by some of our favourites from Hill People Gear and Mystery Ranch. 

This team is equipped to engage most opponents (other than armour…). They carry a mix of Long and Medium M4s (which have been custom designed for this squad), a lightweight support weapon and a short barreled SCAR H, for defeating armoured infantry in CQB. Other members carry a stand alone grenade launcher, the ever popular MP7 and an MCX Rattler. As these guys are intent on assaulting a position in an urban or confined environment, no dedicated marksman rifle has been made for them… yet! They mostly have small red dot optics, gun lights and MAWLs for when they use NVGs. Most of the suppressors are wrapped or otherwise covered to mask heat signatures and to protect from burning exposed skin when manoeuvring in tight environments.

You’ll see more content on these when they are released, so keep an eye out on our socials!

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